Saxophone Music

Last Night (1985, rev. 1990), alto saxophone and piano. BP. CDCM. Duration: 8:00.

Le Coeur A Ses Raisons (1991), alto saxophone and piano. Duration: 10:00.

Singing in Traffic (1997), instrument and computer music on fixed medium. BP. Recorded on Springer CD for Evolutionary Computer Music book. Duration: 8 minutes.

Saint Ambrose (1998-2000), an opera in one act consisting of an overture and 11 scenes including The Definitions Aria. Scored for soprano saxophonist/ actor, projections, and computer music on recorded media. 40 minutes. CAPS. BP 

Tenor Variations (2001), for tenor saxophonist. 6 minutes.

Summer Concerto (2004), alto saxophonist, symphonic band. 14 minutes.

CHATting Up (2009), saxophone and recorded computer music. 13 minutes.