6.  Runes (2018) (in production). Waschka, writer and director. 

5. Missing Mom (2016). Waschka, associate producer. Missing Mom is a documentary that shows the search for film director Rob McCallum's mother who has been missing for almost 25 years. Premiere in London, Ontario and Atlanta, Georgia. Has won numerous "best documentary" and "best director" awards for Rob McCallum.

4. Aluminum Heart (2016), Waschka, associate producer. Dramatic short.

3. The Slate: Casting by Larry Donovan (2011)

Written and Directed by Michael Russell. Waschka, actor, plays "Dr. Walker". Narrative Feature.

2. Horizons (2010) 

Directed by Zlatko Cosic. Waschka, composer and co-producer. Zlatko Cosic, co-producer. Experimental Short/Music Video. Premiere and prize winner at the Macon Film Festival, 2010, prize winner at the Sunscreen Film Festival (Florida), 2010, and prize winner at the Stella Artois St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, 2010. Official Selection at more than twenty festivals, with screenings in the US, Australia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, France, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, and Latvia among other places. 

1. Matchbook Morning (2005) 

Written and Directed by Brandon Tweed. Waschka, actor. Waschka played a lead role, "The Author".  Narrative Feature Film, 121 minutes. Premiere: Raleigh, NC, Spring, 2005. Official Selection and a prize winner at the Script-2-Screen Film Festival, October, 2005.