Jonathan Kramer, commenting on the compact disc, Music for Strings wrote:

Rodney Waschka's music does not so much cross boundaries or extend boundaries as straddle them, comfortably reconciling differing tendencies. 

The compositions on this CD neatly join chamber music and theater (Xuan Men), political statement (Ravel Remembers Fascism), mathematics (compositions that utilize algorithms), and technology (those utilizing computers). 

Yet one never feels, listening to these handsome works artfully played by members of the Nevsky Quartet, that they are experiments or trial balloons. Each reveals a distinct, vivid, expressive manifestation of a clear artistic vision. They are not abstract, ivory-tower works examining permutations of codes for other composers. They are richly connected with human feelings and human purposes. They are funny (Xuan Men), tragic (Ravel), joyful (Laredo), and variously contemplative, witty, and moving. 

Waschka's use of computer technology humanizes technology while extending the range of compositional possibilities. The use of computer-manipulated materials gives his music a rhythmic complexity and edginess that very much reflects a human environment in which people and their smart machines are learning to live ever more comfortably together. It is never sufficient for music to be "interesting" or "novel." The works on this CD are worthy of repeated listening because they are rich, compelling, and beautiful.