On October 16, 2015 the Hartford New Music Festival presented a performance of Rodney Waschka's piece, At Least 21 Governments And/Or Corporations, Using Cameras On The Roads With License Plate Recognition Software and Cameras In Buildings With Face Recognition Software And Various Other Electronic Eavesdropping Devices, Are Currently Attempting To Track Your Movements, Keep A List Of What You Buy, Document How Much Money You Have And Where You Spend It, Archive What You Read At Home And At The Library, Record What You Eat And With Whom You Meet, As Well As Catalog What You Look At On The Internet, (2014) for unspecified sextet. 

The performance took place in the Mark Twain's Carriage House, now renovated and functioning as The Carriage House Theater

The Hartford New Music Festival is an exhilarating concert series aiming “to present a mixture of local composers, performers, ensembles and more internationally recognized composers…to present newer work in a historical context.” This festival is a catalyst for music lovers, who are looking for more adventurous music that details fresh thinking and defies conventional ideas and music processes, while transforming the audiences musical experience through rigorous art. 

At Least 21... received its world premiere in Bristol, England given by the Contemporary Music for All group in November of 2014 and the US premiere of the work was given by the Central Michigan University New Music Ensemble in December of 2014. 

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